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In 2012, Linqing City passed the review of Shandong Provincial Commerical Department and the industry experts of Shandong Province, identified as “Bearing Export Base of Shandong Province”, one of the frist batch of mechanical and electrical products of Shandong Province. Bearing industry is one of the mainstay industries of Linqing City, with over 50 year developing history, now has formed an industrial cluster which centers on the towns like Yandian, Panzhuang, Tangyuan, Bachalu, etc., influencing neibouring area, having brisk marketing, outstanding mode, complete supporting facilities and industrial chain. It was named as “Hometown of Chinese Bearings”, “One of the Top 10 Industrial Clusters of Shandong

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  • Laser engraving
  • Stone Engraving
  • Woodworking
  • Other


Home Brewery equipment  home brewery/craft beer&

Home Brewery equipment  home brewery/craft beer equipment/beer
brewing/craft beer/brewing equipment/

  • Valid:2018-05-15
  • Order Quantity(100)
  • Country:0086 China

casava machinery and palm kernel machinery(refinery)

casava machinery and palm kernel machinery(refinery)

  • Valid:2018-03-03
  • Order Quantity(2)
  • Country:

Industrial Exhibition

VIETBUILD is the largest building materials professional exhibition in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia

1. Building materials: building ceramics, natural and man-made stone, decorative materials, paints and varnishes, floor and carpet, wallpaper, windows and doors and their hardware accessories, roofing and roofing materials, glass curtain wall, 2. Construction machinery: construction machinery, processing equipment, site protective equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, etc .; 3. HVAC: air conditioning and ventilation systems, heating technology, refrigeration systems, plumbing equipment, electrical and lighting systems; 4. Kitchen and toilet equipment: kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, kitchen appliances, pipe fittings, valves, water and gas supply facilities, recreational and leisure facilities; 5. Hardware Tools: construction hardware, electric pneumatic hand tools, gardening tools, hoeing equipment, irrigation equipment; 6. Other: lighting lamps, elevators, solar energy.

  • Exhibition time:2018-09-05
  • Countries/regions:Vietnam

Five Major Industry Exhibitions in Dubai, Middle East

1, air conditioning and refrigeration: home air conditioners, central air conditioning, fans, air handling equipment, refrigeration storage equipment, ventilation equipment, energy and electricity. 2, water treatment technology and environmental protection: plumbing equipment, valves, pumps, pipe equipment, insulation insulation sealing materials, water treatment technology and equipment, pure water equipment and equipment, fountains and so on. 3, construction steel: stainless steel, h-beam, rebar, bearing steel, channel steel, steel, steel, wire, steel charge, other steel products. 4, building materials and equipment: architectural hardware, building aluminum, building metal materials, wood, building gel products, adhesives, paper materials, flooring, tiles, construction machinery and equipment. 5, stone & ceramics: ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, stone cutting machine, polishing machine, stone cleaning and maintenance technology, stone slabs, stone pouring, recycled ston

  • Exhibition time:2018-11-26
  • Countries/regions:The united arab emirates

Jinan Show